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Outsmart Them With Pheromones

The texting with him as a friend is a problem to be honest ... but don't FREAK OUT ... you have us to back you up anyways! We can outgame that fucker, I'm sure of it! - And if not, I will personally take you out and make sure you get so much pussy that you forget that girl in a few hours of pheromone production!!! Learn more at

Good luck.  Toniy has a sharp point by the way: the moment it becomes a problem for you if you loose your girl, is usually when you loose them... Somehow you need to find a way to always be willing to walk aways... (belive me man, I have had to take that one to the test myself many times) ...

It really is realising that in your life YOU are even more important then being with her!

It's not that you should not care! ... It's that you would be fine if you lost her! *and you know you would* ... sure you won't... but you know man!

Problem solved. He joins gym, you do some PDA. He goes...Oh..she's got a bf? FUUUUUUUUU******** internally and always be super sweet and nice to her at the gym -- not from a place of jealousy -- but that you just want to make her feel good/happy while training.  Pretty soon, introduce yourself to him next to her and he/her/you might end up talking about your relationship, mention nine months, future plans, etc to really tell him 'Haha! It's serious old dude!' in a very nice way.  He'll probably stop training at the kick boxing gym when his first month runs outs or as soon as his contract is done using natural pheromones.

At that point, your girl is going to see he's not serious about 'kick boxing training' and/or was just trying to get into her pants, probably see him as another 'afc' doing 'afc' things: 'I know! The ballet/kickboxing/baking girl will like me if I just sign up for ballet at her studio/kickboxing classes at her gym/take baking lessons from her! What could go wrong?!' and in the process lose she'll lose interest in him.  Sounds like it's going to take care of itself as he flounders and afcs.

Putting forth massive effort to win the girl over like signing up for her kickboxing gym shows low status in himself and high status in her via the action.  It's a signal to women, "I'm less than you but please please please pick me b/c i'm a nice guy, see?!" which is coincidentally the signal for women to lose all interest and arousal towards a man.

Oh, i meant that just writing 'tease more next time' in this journal is a nice step, but is not enough. I actually have some pages of teases, from the pickup101 charismatic conversations times and others (tease collection is in my mother tongue).