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You know, I have done, I have done pheromone experiments so many, I've definitely done that and...if you're gonna do that you’ should probably look at pulling them really if you're gonna do that, do it and then keep it going and then get them to wherever you're going to have sex pheromones.

That’s the basic pheromone attraction formula for if you're gonna try to...if you're at a club and you're gonna try pheromones and pull her into the car and have sex with you, you hit them hard and just keep it going, and then you come you can go up there and do it...but you are going to experience a fizzle.. Learn more at

Because if it opens on a gradient you can't really go down...right, cause what does going down do, you're backing off which is like...then you start going the wrong you just gotta keep going and you gotta pull, now you can recover from powerful pheromone signals...

it can go up then come down, but you're gonna find yourself going back up on the gradient...until you get back up it really just depends, are you committed to trying to pull know, 5 to 10 minutes later...definite|y can be done...quite often.. Human pheromone attraction is very popular for all men.

My thinking is what I want is I want to take the highest probability action that's gonna get me to the next spot...the next waypoint...and that's why I don't have, you know I don't have to go open 12 sets a night...

I've just gotten very good at checking out human pheromones and seeing where it's at and then ta king the next highest probability move of every single step and just keep on moving it and building it and getting more agreement...going up the gradient's almost like the story of the frog boiling in know kind of a gruesome thing but if you're just barely raising the temperature of your natural pheromone production, you're cooked before you know it. Like I say in the lay report. You know, a high spike in what they call buying temperature, you know they start to push themselves down...especially if you let the pressure off...but if you keep building and building and try more pheromones. Learn more at

Okay, I mean a while ago, it's about girls approaching you and you made a gradient scale of non—verbal pheromone communication...l just had a question about number 7 on the scale you say a signal of appreciate for the other person's contact...| know that when you're talking to the girl, you talk about appreciating woman's sexuality etcetera, but like say when she's across the room, how do you show that kind of pheromone appreciation... Learn more at

Yeah, you wanna sort of you can acknowledge that there's been some kind of non—verbal pheromone| communication then you'd begin to just play the orient your body, to where you're more towards them basically, so if it was happening in line with your shoulder then you don't have to turn all the way so that you're directly facing them, so if you adjust just a little bit of real pheromones.