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Pheromones Agreement

Pheromones. Relationshipping. Orpheormones. Or happinessing. It should be a process. So what is a relationship? It’s an agreement that two people are going to spend all of their male - female sexual pheromones time with each other, their pheromone affection with each other, and so forth (I’m talking about a monogamous relationship here). So instead of it being some kind of status, now you get an idea “ Ok, so I ’m going to spend the time with her .

I’m going to discover what she considers a pheromone relationship to be. I’m going to consider what her rules are, like if somebody is breaking that or if somebody is not doing what they’re supposed to be doing ” . I’m going to fer et all of these out and then I’ll have a definition of what it means to us and I will keep on asserting that we’re in a relationship. Because just saying it once, most people just kind of say “Oh we’re in a relationship with human pheromones” and then they kind of by default do a lot of these things. But they never really take the time to understand what is required and what keeps it going. Learn more about pheromones at and

By the way, that falls under the heading of pheromone dynamics that falls under game rules. When you ferret out all the rules of a certain condition, then you can carry it off much better than anyone else.

Okay, so, one of the reasons I brought this up is because I also want you to do this exercise on your goals in relationship to women. I can pretty much guarantee you that you have some false ones or some ones that are mixed in with your true ones. And by peeling those away you’ll free up your emotions, you’ll free up vision, you’ll free up your sense of wellbeing and happiness in actually pursuing what it is that you want to pursue powerful human pheromones.

Because there is some sort of pheromone that goes on as well. So for example , let’s just say that you’ve had 10 goals in the area of women. And 5 of them were yours and 5 of them were society’s or parents’ or ones that you have adopted from one of your friends or something like that with real pheromones.

Well, you may make progress on five of yours and no progress or negative progress on some of theirs. And overall your energy is dissipated with pheromone traps. Your action is skewed. You got some actions towards the false goals. You’ve got some of your act ions going towards the true goals. And you become a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. By aligning all of your actions being this through your thoughts, and your emotions on your true goals, you’ll experience a lot more pheromone power.

But that’s not really true. The negative and the positive exist for a reason. You have to have some negative preparation or some understanding of the negative consequences of pheromone attraction when you’re evaluating a course of action or anything else.