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Pheromones In The Club

People look down at the word “effort”, as if it’s a dirty Word. But without effort, you would be alive today. Effort and our labor are gifts that we can give, not just to ourselves, but also to try more pheromones. Anyway, all my friends got male attention and the guys all looked past me like I didn't exist according to

I don't know if you know that feeling, maybe you do. Maybe you don't, I guess I hope don't. But if you do, I really know how you feel.

You know those moments where you're walking down the street, and a stranger comes walking towards you and you start to decide in your mind whether you should smile and be friendly or just walk straight past them, practically ignoring them?

And you decide to be open and smile, only to find that they walked straight past you like you didn't even exist on the street when it was OBVIOUS that you were walking past them and smiling with natural pheromones? Of course, he noticed us looking and took up the opportunity.

He followed up to the upstairs part of the club and when we were sort of cornered, approached my friend. I think he smiled at her and had a moment of "oh crap, forgot to say hi to the friend.." so he gave me a quick handshake just to make things less awkward with real pheromones.

He approached my friend and tried to pick her up. She actually had a boyfriend at the time and so she then jokingly told him that she was already taken and he shook his head in disbelief and said: "Oh, you're one of THOSE women with human pheromone perfume."

My friend laughed and said "oh but my friend here is available", and made a swiping hand gesture towards me and then looked away from me, sipping her drink and eyeing the dance floor."

Then I thought: Great. Thanks. That's a nice thing to say when you're out here to see me. Anyway, we Went out to a restaurant after that, and he was in conversation with the other two girls and me, but they seemed to get along so well. He didn't make a go for my friends the time I was torturing myself with feeling of inadequacy of pheromone production.

These three people DESERVE to receive the energy of me loving myself and bringing to them my passion, my compassion, my love and my self respect.

Now, you may not have a boyfriend right now, but that does not stop you.

I guarantee that there is SOMEONE in your life WhOII1 you would get your head out of your own butt for.

Maybe your mother, your father, your daughter, your brother, or your grandmother....You FUTURE daughter, even. Because, once you start getting out of yourself, out of your own butt, you are stepping out of your old shoes and the QUALITY of Men you attract is totally different, and men see that you have impeccable self respect and that you own yourself and the ground you walk upon natural pheromones.

AND! You get REALLY good at telling the difference between a good man and a man that's bad for your real pheromones.

You are not a pushover, and you KNOW your worth, because you know that life is not all about yourself with human pheromones.