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Pheromones could be something

Pheromones could be something that you could mix in with power opening as well. Meaning that, if you had your goals in full alignment as I’m talking about in this audio, your power opening would actually also be multiplied.

Okay, so that is really the firs t step in this pheromone attraction process. Those 6 steps that I outlined, which was to list all the goals. Find out which ones aren’t in present time. Find out which ones aren’t yours. Declare all of those are no longer your goals. Find out what your goals are.  Learn more at and

And write down what pheromone actions that you can take in order to move towards them so that you can experience the positive emotion. So the next part would be to get more in touch with the actual “Why”. The actual “Why” or “Why you're doing that” or “Why you want those goals”. The “How” is definitely important, but the “Why” is actually more of the copulin that powers you forward. You know, if you want to lose weight, and then if you begin to strengthen the “Why” : “Because I’ll feel better about myself , because I’ll be heal thier, I’ll have more energy, because I’ll be able to wear cloths that I want to wear” , you know things like that. 25:00 min If you beg in to strengthen your goal with all of your “Why’s” , then each one of those adds more fuel overall so that when barrier s come in , they’re a lot more easier to knock over. And in some of these instances you can actually carry around a card listing all the reasons why you want this powerful pheromone cologne and then any time some other idea or counter intention comes in, you can review all those Why’s and you’ll find your motivation rekindled.   

And not to evaluate it is just being foolish. For example, not evaluating the negative effects of taking human pheromones would be a serious flaw in your thinking. I’ve never taken meth, but I imagine some people would think, “Okay, it will feel good, I’ll have more fun, I’ ll be able to stay up late”. You know, if they didn’t think about the negative consequences “All my teeth will fall out, I’ll be an emotional wreck, I’ll burn up my general glands, I’ll kill brain cells”. If they don’t think about those negatives, they’re going to make a bad decision. So you have this process.

I have been aiming to one approach a day for the past couple of weeks. Some times I get quite positive pheromone perfume reactions, but haven’t banged a new chick in a while.

On last’s night episode I would like to get some feedback if possible.

I was in a bar with a friend and we started talking with 2 girls. I stuck with the prettier one and my friend wasn’t so much interested in the other one and stood somewhere else.