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The Making of Natural Pheromones

How did I get to have this success with women while wearing pheromone cologne? I haven't always had this skill, in fact quite the opposite. I was a shy, skinny, unpopular, nerdy kid who was brought up in a poor household without a father. I didn't have a girlfriend until my late teens and I was baffled that rude thuggish boys got the girls while sensitive nice guys like me were ignored. Learn more about pheromones at and I decided at some point that I was going to work out how to be a ladies man and so without any hint of where to begin I set about my journey. It took me ten years of trial and error to get as good as I am now. I made many mistakes, experienced countless rejections but gradually I started to see the bigger picture of wearing pheromone colognes.

My breakthroughs came gradually as I started to see that success with women and attraction between the sexes followed certain patterns of pheromone attraction. It wasn't just a matter of “getting lucky” but if you were smart you could engineer your own luck. It also wasn't about learning some secret trick or pick up line.

It took a complete overhaul of my world view, detailed analysis and experimentation with the process of attraction to get real and lasting results. I spoke at length with countless women, particularly those who were very self- aware and understood their motivations. I tried countless approaches and gradually learnt from my successes and failures. I also carefully observed men who were “Naturals” with women. The things they told and showed me were initially very surprising but now they make perfect sense. They showed me that most men have no idea how to truly seduce a woman and that the few who do have an almost unlimited number of women wanting to be with them...using real pheromones.

In western countries such as Australia, America and the UK on average a man will sleep with only 6 women in his life. Yes that's right. 6. On the other hand a woman will sleep with about 12 men who love pheromones. (Although men will tell you they've been with 12 and women will say they've been with 6) Now I'm no mathematician but these figures tell me something. They tell me that there is a small group of men that are getting a lot of women and a vast majority that are getting almost none. Why is that? These guys must be rich and handsome right? Not necessarily. The men I know who are very good with women (by good, I mean have had are not unusually attractive or rich. But they possess certain qualities that women find irresistible. At the same time they have a deep knowledge of the way to communicate with women in such a way that they feel inspired and free to express their desires on real pheromones.

So lets start by looking at attraction with human pheromones. What makes one man attractive over another and what is the process of attraction that occurs between men and women when they meet?